Trumpeter Eric Vloeimans is one of the leading Dutch jazz artists of his generation, having worked with artists as diverse as John Taylor, Peter Erskine, Ernst Reijseger, Michiel Borstlap, Wayne Horvitz, Nguyên Lê, Mercer Ellington and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Eric’s compositions and improvisations are characterized by melodic and lyrical power, and a distinctive, individual sound that has been called velvety or even whispering in the more subdued pieces. He is considered to be one of the most versatile and stunning trumpet players in Europe.

His band Gatecrash features Jeroen van Vliet (keyboards), Gulli Gudmundsson ( bass and effects) and Jasper van Hulten (drums), with Eric using electronics to broaden the sounds of his trumpet.  Gatecrash delivers a bounty of excitement ranging from jazz to world music, electro-funk and jazz, but also contemplative soundscapes that are punctuated by a touch of zany humour…leave it to the Dutch ! Their music is electric and electrifying, and has thrilled fans at festivals throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

Eric says, “Gatecrash’s rationale responds to my need to have an electric band. I do also play with Fugimundi, a more chamber-like jazz music group. However, ever since I saw Miles Davis performing at the North Sea Jazz Festival back in the ’80s, I was very impressed with how he combined elements of pop music with jazz. I also loved the electronic sounds. I underwent a similar process with The Brecker Brothers.

“Ever since, that type of playing—just as my acoustic side is—was dear to my heart, although it took me a long time before I dared to start with it because I wanted to do it authentically—to do it my way and not be a copy, my great admiration to my heroes notwithstanding……You have another instrument when you use electronics, and it inspires me very much when playing this music.”
“He’s got the technical command you’d expect of a conservatory-trained virtuoso, and the kind of expressive potency that can only be learned on the improvising bandstand, but what’s most impressive about his music is that it’s so deliciously good-natured.” – ‘Vancouver Straight’

“(Gatecrash) played with a high-wire sense of adventure and such an infectious spirit of joy that it made the 21-piece Columbian salsa orchestra that followed them seem anti-climactic.” – ‘Jazz Times’ (USA)

“One of the freshest takes on electronic jazz in some time.” – ‘Jazziz’ (USA)

photo : Peter Elenbass

Saturday’s concert will be recorded by ABC Classic FM for later broadcast on ‘Jazztrack with Mal Stanley’ ; it can also be heard live-to-air via ABC Dig Jazz and


Friday November 7th at 8:30 pm

St Patrick's Hall - Kawai Stage

Saturday November 8th at 1:00 pm

WPAC Theatre