DRUMBLING is an exciting new collaboration between Melbourne-based drummer-composers Niko Schauble and Ronny Ferella, with vocalists Michelle Nicolle, Gian Slater and Carl Pannuzzo, along with Anthony Schulz on accordion.

The concept of DRUMBLING was borne out of Niko’s and Ronny’s desire to create an ensemble piece that would draw its inspiration from the interplay between two drum set players.  Starting with a more traditional approach, and basing their duo playing on mathematical concepts, both became quickly fascinated by the mesmerising effect of slowly and gradually shifting patterns, which create an almost hypnotic effect on the listener.

The combination of percussion and voice has been at the heart of music making since the dawn of mankind, hence bringing the two together for this project made perfect sense. Having a vocal quality, the accordion combines beautifully with the voices and in addition extends the harmonic language of DRUMBLING.

The members of DRUMBLING can be heard on over 100 albums and have worked with artists and ensembles such as: Sam Rivers, Lee Konitz, Enrico Rava, Trilok Gurtu, Branford Marsalis, Mike Nock, Dewey Redman, Arthur Blythe, Paul Grabowsky, Barre Phillips, Dave Samuels, Doug De Vries, Kate Ceberano, Mia Dyson, Sam Keevers, Stephen Magnusson, Zoe Frater, Belinda Moody, Bob Sedergreen, Barney McAll, Lior, Ben Monder, Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Katie Noonan, Frock, Michelle Nicolle Quartet, Collider, Acapelicans, Big Fela, Australian Art Orchestra.

“Schauble’s compositions, like his drumming, are idiosyncratic and bristling with surprises. The drums are heavily featured and rightfully so. He is that all too rare percussive creature: a melodist. His drums are tuned to perfection and used to create hummable tunes, alongside a deft use of dynamics and drama.” – ‘Sydney Morning Herald’

NIKO http://pughousestudios.com/niko/

MICHELLE http://michellenicolle.com/press-kit/

GIAN http://gianslater.com

CARL http://www.carlpannuzzo.com


Saturday November 8th at 12:30 pm

WPAC Memorial Hall